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Myrtle Beach Imax 3D Theater

Myrtle Beach Imax 3D Theater
Highway 17 Bypass
Myrtle Beach, SC




The Myrtle Beach Discovery Imax Theater features a giant, flat screen and seating that is steeply pitched between 19 and 25 degrees. This allows everyone to see the entire screen without anyone else getting in their way.

Films shown in IMAX theatres are designed to educate and enlighten as much as they are to entertain. They offer educators a powerful teaching tool that is easily integrated into existing curriculum. And they provide students with unique and exciting opportunities to explore new worlds and new ideas.

In fact, these films are so inspiring that scientists and explorers have cited them for influencing their career choice. As NASA astronaut Susan Helms said of her decision to become an astronaut: "I first thought about it as an option for me in my 20s after seeing the IMAX movie, The Dream Is Alive."

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